LUX Website Redesign

Our LUX website reflects the key values and qualities of LUX, particularly displaying an immersive, dynamic and clean feel. We decided to incorporate the things Chris felt were important such as being image lead, creating excitement and fair display of sponsors. The dynamism of both the GIFs and colours blocks engage the user, then tapering off to a clean and consistent communication of type, button and navigation motifs. The fixed header and the ability to ‘print map’ cater to those who are less tech savvy, making the digital and physical experience easier to navigate.

We wanted to communicate that LUX is an event for everyone, and bring across that community feels. Certain elements in the design cater to the young artists (eg. Instagram feed), where icons help to communicate the appropriateness of the works for certain target audiences (eg. family). Our colour palette and style bring help com- municate the vibrancy and excitement of LUX by using warm, neon tones contrasted with a midnight blue, to bring a bit of warmth to this winter event.

This project was designed along with Hollie Arnett and Samuel Forbes Thomas.

Client: LUX

Category: Web